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9 Responses to “Subscriptions”

  1. Chris Larsen Says:

    My partner and I would love to visit Sunrise Ranch

  2. Javier Hernandez Says:

    I love that there is people out there that are still trying to connect with nature because God leaves in every beautiful place in the world we enjoy

  3. David Says:

    Great to be back!

  4. Raymond Salton Says:

    I am deeply thankful for the Spiritual Substance being generated in each moment that i may be connected consciously To be a member of the team that stands and holds the radiance of Gods Love As a long term vibrational member i now return home in the physical to be present at the Riverdell Spiritual centre At the central hub of the 12 spoked wheel Having been a carer for my elderly parents Stewarding their twilight years as they have both passed away Mum in 2012 at 88 yrs and in 2016 at age 90 my father My heart is full of new and deeply developing Grace ! Now in this new cycle i am the family ELDER Many E D L Elders have connected with a WELCOME home to me over the years I find my world ie Body Mind Heart and SPIRIT in new and vibrant remembering of the Radiance we truly are Joy is being actually in the current of Gods infinite Grace An Attunement with all creation as a fellow Co Creator The BLESSINGS continue to magnify for me Bless you all The new faces are being irresistably drawn into the Light The outer world is gently transforming those who are in a creative field I am seeking who i may connect with The local Creative field group to members at Riverdell My heart felt desire is to SERVE in new ways reflecting my own new cycle and support others doing the same

  5. Michael Cavic Says:

    I met Bill Bahan when I worked in Exeter N.H. And became aquatinted with Green Pastures,I was able to hear Martin Cecil speak and shared some time with Bill Bahan.it was without a doubt the most beautiful experience I have ever had! I subscribed to the weekly letters of Martins talks and still cherish the ones I still have! I would like to reconnect and hopefully receive copies of your weekly talks or words of living. Sincerely Michael Cavic

  6. Paul Furr Says:

    What a find!! I can’t wait to come up from Denver and explore your center/farm/ranch. Are people allowed to come and visit and see the place without formally being on retreat? And…can one come to the center for a private retreat?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Joaquin Negron Says:

    You can come and visit without formally being on a retreat. Please call our Front Desk at (970) 699-4200 for more information. We’ll need to check on the accommodations situation for your desired visit days. Thanks for your interest in our facilities and what we offer. We’re confident you’ll have an awesome time whenever you decide it’s right for you to visit.

    In service,


  8. Roberta Shaw Says:

    I would like to receive the weekly Pulse by email. I filled out the form above, but there was no way to access the line to choose my subscriptions.

    Also I would like to know where the Emissary Spiritual Centers exist in the USA and in the world.
    Thank you,

  9. Shareen Ewing Says:

    Dear Roberts, Sorry for the delay on your inquiry and about the trouble you are having. We are in the process of building a new website for emissaries.org. Please see our sunriseranch.org website also, which has some of the same info. You can sign up for The Pulse of Spirit on that site or simply send me your info directly (to my e-mail above) and I will add your name to our Pulse of Spirit subscription list. You can view our Emissary communities on this site by going to “Communities.”
    All the best,
    Shareen Ewing

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