Emissaries of Divine Light InternationalEmissaries of Divine Light International


Steps on the path of spiritual transformation and personal empowerment

The Emissaries offer a rich program of seminars and trainings, which are designed for people who are ready to take another step in their life journey. These trainings may be for you if you have the desire to:

  • Awaken spiritually
  • Step more fully into your own authentic spiritual core
  • Learn to ground enlightenment in practical experience
  • Master the complex range of human emotion
  • Provide leadership training for personal and collective transformation

Comments From Participants of Different Classes

“I had the opportunity to see how patterns and beliefs are operating in my world and to transform them.”

“It was very good to be part of this beautiful journey. I saw the abundant open possibility of life ahead of us. I realized the freshness and power in myself again in this group. I have a sense of new birth inside of me, very fresh, bright, and full of life.”

“Great class! I was profoundly affected. Helped me change lifelong blocks. As a longtime seeker of greater spiritual meaning and effectiveness, this class was a great catalyst for new change and deeper knowing of my innermost reality.”

“This weekend came at the right time. I was just at a pivotal point in my life, stepping out of my comfort zone to explore more of why I came here on this planet and to remember Who I AM—a sovereign daughter of Mother/Father God.”

“Worth its weight in gold! From the start to the finish it was fun, exciting, and a great expansion for my life. I strongly suggest that everyone attend, and grow to the full extent of your heart’s capacity in love, truth and life.”

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