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David Karchere

David lives and teaches from a deep belief that the human soul can experience profound fulfillment in this lifetime. He is a writer, poet and speaker on spirituality that transcends religion. As a personal coach, he is a guide for people on their life journey. He offers programs that assist people to transform and overcome the blocks to their own fulfillment, and educational programs that assist people to develop their leadership potential. David was part of the development team that created the weekend seminar Journey into the Fire, and he is a facilitator of Crucible Work, a process for accessing personal power. He is the Spiritual Director for Emissaries of Divine Light.

David lives at Sunrise Ranch, a spiritual community and a leading Conference and Retreat Center in Loveland, Colorado. He is a friend to people across the globe who are creating a new, unified field of consciousness that is changing the world. With the other Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light, he initiated The Creative Field project, which is a global experiment in consciousness.

David sees the creative field of emerging consciousness as the creation of a sun – a new focus of awareness and energy in human experience. This excerpt is from his thoughts on what it means for a person to be a sun in their creative field.

Being a Sun

What your world, and the people in it, need most from you is for you to be a sun.

They need your warmth. Your ability to offer your care for their well-being. Your ability to offer blessing. Nothing imposed. Nothing affected. Just the abiding spirit of love, constant in your heart of hearts.

When faced with the coldness of other people, or the coldness of the world, return that coldness with your warmth. And in the fire that fuels your warmth, transform what the world gives to you without reaction. Let the coldness be transformed and transmuted in your inner fire until it is burnt to ash and ascending flame. Then return to your world the fire of your love. Let your world feel the warmth of the sun through you.

Your world needs your light. Your wisdom. Your intelligence. Your vision. You have the ability to light up your world so that the people in it can see. Faced with judgment or condemnation. Faced with prejudice and bias. Or faced with the dogged determination to imagine the worst thing that could happen and act out of fear of that. Bring your light. Not in other’s faces. Not as a bludgeon. This is the light that illuminates the path ahead. The light that illuminates not only what is, but what could be if we would only let it. This is the light that lets humanity find its way.

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7 Responses to “David Karchere”

  1. Cheryl Yelek Says:

    Hi David, I want to thank you for your listening to me on Sunday & being willing to offer prays for my brother, Mark. I feel a little more hopeful this week!
    You are always so kind & I find your “sermons” (I don’t know if that’s what you call them) very inspiring. I’m hoping to attend at least part of the Creative Field Conference in September.
    Thaks you!
    Sincerely, Cheryl Yelek

  2. Rev. Sherrie Connelly Says:

    Dear David,

    It’s been ages since our paths have crossed in NYC.

    Joanie Misrack Ciardelli told me today that you are heading Emissaries. What delightful news.
    I am an ordained Swedenborgian minister now, and
    our theology is in sync with EDL. I very much
    hope that our paths will cross again one day.

    Love and blessings,


  3. Teri-E BElf Says:

    Hello david,
    I was moved by your poem Aflame on Aug 6th Pulse and request permission to read it at our SUN retreat (SUN stands for Success Unlimited Network) when 55 of us from all over the world gather. we are united by the metaphor of the SUN.

    Thank you for the possibility,
    sending radiant light,

  4. Janet Wagstaff Says:

    Hello David I deeply appreciated your piece about Envy. I have been aware recently of how envious I have been of individuals roles, possessions, bank balances, physical appearances, etc etc whilst knowing at a deeper level that this was about a void in myself. I was food shopping and noticed a giant shopping bag which had got the words on both sides in large letters “if you love what you have you have everything you need”. I carry this with me now! Love Janet

  5. Thomas Lee Caldwell Says:

    Dear David Karchere

    My first experience of the Divine Light occurred in meditation in 1968; for three days I sat with Meher Baba watching the Eternal Sunrise Sunset. A short time later I visited Sunrise Ranch, taking Classes in 1971 and 1972.

    Santa Fe, NM has been my home since 1978 where I have given attunements and work to connect to the Light. While radiating to the world I tend to remain very private.

    David, I have felt compelled to contact you in awareness of a certain need by the world. I tend to allow the burden to work out through me in the gross, subtle and mental spheres.

    Thank you for your attention. Tom


    Hi David,

    My name is Ogunfeyitimi Olaoluwa from Nigeria. I have been following your teachings and programmes.

    There is a branch of emissaries of divine light in Nigeria. the last time we had official correspondence and Colorado was in 1991 when someone visited from USA and since then, we have not heard anything. I will be glad if someone can engage us in further discussions about the church.


  7. Rasik Sanghvi Says:

    Hi David: I am in your hometown, Stamford on a business visit. Visiting Fairway supermarket refreshed my memory with the good times we had together including cold lime juice and a ride in the super boat. Best regards to you, joyce and all other your family members and spritual brothers and sisters.
    Rasik S Sanghvi
    347 260 6083

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