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Ways to Connect

Monthly Worship Service Teleconference
Connect by telephone to a monthly time of deep prayer, communion and ground- breaking spiritual work.

On the first Sunday of each month, The Emissaries offer a teleconference service at 11 a.m. Mountain Time in the United States. These presentations offer fresh thinking, inspiration and vision on the process of spiritual transformation.

To participate in this event, please indicate your interest online, e-mail Carolyn Gruchy at cgruchy@emnet.org or call (970) 679-4308 to request the bridgeline and access code.

Weekly Worship Services
In addition to the monthly teleconference service, The Emissaries hold worship services in various places around the world.

These are opportunities to be with people who are welcoming a transformation by love in their own consciousness, and who are bringing the opportunity for transformation to their worlds. We welcome you to join us. You can join the service at Sunrise Ranch via live video streaming.

The Pulse of Spirit
After each weekly service, the topics of consideration are distributed via an e-mail newsletter. To receive these writings, you can join our mailing list.

Journal of The Creative Field bimonthly newsletter
What does it mean to let a profound shift occur in human consciousness, beginning with our own?

How can a person live “in the world but not of it” —maintaining spiritual integrity while being relevant to the great changes that are under way in our world?

What are the simple steps a person can take to know true freedom and their own inborn creative power?

These are some of the questions that we explore in our bimonthly journal. Join our mailing list.

Emissary International Membership
Members have the option to receive The Quarterly, a members-only publication that includes news and photos of people and programs, and information about the communities, the organization, the governance and the finances of Emissaries of Divine Light. Members have access to EmNet (at no charge)—a Web-based network that facilitates communication with other members and offers online access to Emissary literature archives.

Members may also choose to receive the Sunrise Ranch Newsletter, the Journal of the Creative Field and our weekly e-mail message, The Pulse of Spirit. This publication is translated into a Spanish version, El Pulso del Espíritu, and sent out by e-mail bi-weekly.

You can become a member by registering online.

Spiritual Coaching By Phone
One-to-one support for spiritual transformation and personal empowerment. See more information

World Blessing Service
A practice among friends a number of decades ago evolved to become what today we call, “The World Blessing Service.” At the time of inception, instant communication – which much of the world’s population today accepts as the norm – did not exist. It was rediscovered that, with practice, spiritual communion without using any electronic means of communication is not only possible but remains a dynamically powerful instrument of spiritual service.

The World Blessing Service is fundamentally based on extending love and blessing into the world and particularly to people involved in world events. Our prayers and meditations aren’t intended to support political causes or to propose to divine authority possible solutions to human pain and suffering. Our intention is simply to bring the creative influence of spirit to our world in these times.

We gather in the Sanctuary on Sunrise Ranch every Thursday at 11 a.m. Mountain Time throughout the year, joined by many around the world. We welcome your participation should you care to spend this 20 minute period with us.

For contact regarding the World Blessing Service:

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